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November 2018
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Pleased to be joined by Jeff Fattic who is a developer technology specialist from Microsoft!


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In this episode we are joined by developer, speaker, author and just general technology lover, Scott Hanselman.


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Welcome to episode 11 of #CodeCast!

In this episode we are joined by Android developer, author and entrepreneur Donn Felker from Arizona, here to talk about developing for Android and other developing tips. We talked about using Android Studio, Eclipse and why he enjoys developing for the Android platform.

Donn has been involved in the creation of numerous well known Android apps such as:

Some of the books that Donn has been involved in writing are:

To learn more about Donn, make sure to visit his website

Also you can connect with Donn on Twitter at @donnfelker

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No you are not imagining things, it is Alejandro Ramirez from the STLTechTalk podcast talking coding on #CodeCast !

In this episode, Alejandro will be walking us through Xcode as it relates to iOS app development with how to start a project in Xcode. We covered storyteller, linking apps, creating new views, using pointers from controls to functions. Very exciting stuff!

If you have yet to catch an episode of CodeCast, this will be a great one to get started with!

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On this episode of CodeCast JJ & Gus are joined by John V. Petersen who stopped by to talk about some different types of code than you are used to hearing on CodeCast.

This other type of code being talked about tonight is codes of conduct.

John is an 11 time Microsoft MVP and has been speaking at developer conferences across the world for some time now. He has seen both the very good side of conferences, and also the very bad side of conferences and he has a lot of great thoughts to consider as you will hear in this episode.

Want to connect with John after the show? You can do so via the methods below:


Another website that John is associated with is:

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We are pleased to bring you Keith Dahlby who has had his presentations described as “terrific!”, “very interactive!”, and “the best I’ve seen all hour!" who was nice enough to join us to talk about all sorts of things such as GitHub and one of his projects

You can find more from Keith by catching him the following ways:

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For Episode 7 of CodeCast we are pleased to be joined by ASP.NET Insider, Windows Azure Insider, and ASP.NET MVP, Javier Lozano!

As more and more is learned about various ways that Azure can be used, Javier showed off many different Azure services.

Some of the programs used in this demo are:

  • Visual Studio
  • Azure
  • WebMatrix
  • Notepad

To connect with Javier:

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Rob Vettor is a Senior Developer Consultant with Microsoft, helping Microsoft Enterprise customers write better software. Rob focuses on application architectural guidance and the Microsoft web and data technologies, including ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Entity Framework.  An INETA Regional Speaker, user group leader, former 3-time C# MVP and recent co-author of the book Entity Framework 6 Recipes, Rob is a frequent presenter at regional technical conferences and has built systems for a number of corporations, including Avanade, Raytheon, American Express and Jack Henry and Associates. Rob lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife, twin sons, two dogs and mountains of .NET books.


What was talked about or demoed?


  • Entity Framework 6 and the benefits of using this tool.
  • Visual Studio integration


App Package picks

Gus's Pick:

  • AutoMapper
  • NuGet call
  • Install-Package Automapper

JJ's Pick:

  • Start developing Universal Windows Apps with this solution
  • XPlatformCloudKit on GetHub

Rob's Pick:

  • Entity Framework Recipes 6 book available on Amazon
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In Episode 5, we were joined by Brian A. Randell who is a Visual Studio ALM MVP (ALM is "Application Lifecyle Management").

Brian not only still does some coding, but he helps teams to improve their processes from idea to shipping into production, to management and monitoring. In addition, he’s become obsessed over the last few years with natural user interfaces and how to create compelling user experiences regardless of platform.

In addition to this, Brian has also co-authored “Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2013” from Wrox Publishing which you can purchase on Amazon here.

How to connect with Brian:

Demo shown

  •  Visual Studio Online team setup
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